David Dworsky, Technical Writer and Web Strategy Consultant

Computer Technologies / CliqueSense

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Technical writing for software development projects, hardware assembly and installation, healthcare applications, and user guides for the full range of software applications.

Work products include white papers, requirements definition, development plans, business rules, functional specifications, disaster recovery plans and protocols, reference manuals for proprietary operating systems and programming technologies, end-user reference manuals and user guides, installation procedures and manuals, tutorials, and training materials.

Methodologies employ interview and transcription to capture expert knowledge, redaction to hardcopy or word-processing source for markup and review, and composition using both word and text processors followed by conversion to PDF or html as needed.

Deliverables include single source document files, in-house CMS implementations, loose-leaf software installation toolkits for field engineers, and hard-copy, loose-leaf, or hard-bound editions of document work products for users, trainers, and marketing and sales staffs.

Post-project support provided at no charge up to next release or revision.


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