David Dworsky, Technical Writer and Web Strategy Consultant

Computer Technologies / CliqueSense

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  • Premium Billing Processing Procedures, Including a Process Road Map, Business Rules, and Step-by-Step Instructions for SCAN Health Plan, © 2010, 60 pp, PDF, with artwork, diagrams, and graphics; and overview of important objects.

  • Provider Portal User Guide for SCAN Health Plan, © 2010, 91 pp, PDF, with artwork, diagrams, and graphics.

  • Sub-Ledger Integration with the G/L, Including Project Overview, Business Rules, Process Execution Protocols, Processing Overviews, Important Objects, & ERM Diagrams for SCAN Health Plan's Data Warehouse Project, © 2009, 28 pp, with artwork and graphics.

  • Encounter Data Processing System Description, Including Overview, Business Rules, & Break-out Descriptions of Discrete Processes, Including Transmission, Data Handling, and Manual Intervention Protocols for SCAN Health Plan, © 2009, 51 pp, with logic flow charts, walk-through diagrams, and hyperlinked processing overviews.

  • Risk Check 2.1 Beta Business Requirements for SCAN Health Plan, © 2008, 10 pp, Microsoft Word doc file, with taxonomy, artwork, diagrams, and flow charts.

  • HCC Risk Check Users Guide for SCAN Health Plan, © 2008, 59 pp., hardcopy and Web, with artwork and graphics.

  • Quality Assurance Plan Proposal for SBCI, © 2000, PDF.

  • Process and workflow analysis and documentation:  Order Entry, Order Processing, Ad Production, and Telco Directory Information Update Processing for SBCI (SMARTpages.com), copyrights © 2000, 2001, 2002, hardcopy and intranet, with artwork, graphics, and narrative.

  • Compaq Xeon 6500 and 3000 Server Assembly and Installation Guide and Toolkit for Universal Studios Inc., © 1999, 52 pp., hardcopy and online, with artwork and graphics, including CD's and diskettes.

  • Global Messaging Operations Procedures Guide for Universal Studios Inc., © 1999, 120 pp., hardcopy and intranet, with artwork and graphics.

  • PolyGram Messaging Project Web site for Universal Studios Inc., August 1999.

  • AG Designer User Reference Manual, Release 2.1, for Paranomic, © 1996-1998, 86 pp. with graphics (GUI/NT).

  • CoverMeter User Reference Manual, June 1998 and November 1998 Editions, for Synopsys, 367 pp., with artwork & graphics (GUI/UNIX) [Verilog code coverage].

  • White Paper: Using CoverMeter User Expressions for Coverage of Multiple FSMs for Advanced Technology Center, 17 pp., with artwork [Verilog code coverage].

  • CATIA/CADAM Coupler Reference Manual for IBM, Version 4, 300 pp., with artwork & graphics, SH52-0671.

  • CATIA/CADAM Coupler Setup Methodology and Project Management Guide for IBM, 50 pp., SH52-1234.

  • White Paper: Data Compatibility of CCD with Host CADAM, Professional CADAM, and CATIA, for IBM, 7 pp.

  • Visual GII Procedures Guide, V1R1, 180 pp., with API descriptions, artwork, and graphics (GUI/UNIX), fpr IBM.

  • CADAM AEC Design Base Installation Guide for MVS and VM (Lockheed Information Division, CADAM Inc.).

  • CADAM 3D Piping Installation Guide for MVS and VM (Lockheed Information Division, CADAM Inc.).

  • Other reference manuals, user guides, installation guides, and SQA/SQC documentation for mainframes (DEC and IBM), workstations (UNIX), and PCs.

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