David Dworsky, Technical Writer and Web Strategy Consultant

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Employment, Experience, and Consulting History



Writing:  Technical writing for software development projects, hardware assembly and installation, healthcare applications, and user guides for the full range of software applications.  Work products include white papers, requirements definition, development plans, business rules, functional specifications, disaster recovery plans and protocols, reference manuals for proprietary operating systems and programming technologies, end-user reference manuals and user guides, installation procedures and manuals, tutorials, and training materials.  Methodologies employ interview and transcription to capture expert knowledge, redaction to hardcopy or word-processing source for markup and review, and composition using both word and text processors followed by conversion to PDF or html as needed.  Deliverables include single source document files, in-house CMS implementations, loose-leaf software installation toolkits for field engineers, and hard-copy, loose-leaf, or hard-bound editions of document work products for users, trainers, and marketing and sales staffs.

Analysis:  Critical process and workflow analysis, charting, and document production in rapid time.

SQA:  Technical writing, QA, and QC (testing) for software quality assurance projects based on IEEE and ISO 9000 standards, including QA plans, requirements validation matrixes, test plans, test case matrixes, metrics formulation and implementation, and test reports.

Management:  Director of Software Engineering for Web-based healthcare applications in start-up environments with close attention paid to the development of enhancements, maintenance, morale, and budget to meet the company's product objectives and compete and prosper in the healthcare industry.  Equally close attention paid to the achievement and preservation of customer satisfaction to obtain high retention rates, providing timely and generous technical assistance to support staff as needed, obtaining peak efficiency in the use of available resources, balancing schedule, objectives, resources, and quality goals to obtain the correct formulas for success throughout the development and business cycles.

Employment and Consulting Experience

Technical Writing, Computer Technologies | 1997 to 2003, 2007 to 2011
Web Consulting, in collaboration with CliqueSense |
2010 to 2011

White papers, user reference manuals, server assembly and installation guides, procedures guides, and test plans for CAD/CAM applications, Verilog code coverage, Compaq server and software installation, intranet web site design and implementation for the posting of mission-critical documentation, Software Quality Assurance & Control projects, and Web-based medical practice management and EMR applications.  See Details and Portfolio for more information.  Clients include:

  • SCAN Health Plan in Long Beach, California
  • MD Synergy Inc. (MDS) in Van Nuys, California
  • Southwestern Bell Communications Interactive (SBCI), SMARTpages.com) in Pasadena, California
  • Seagram Company Ltd. and Universal Studios Inc. in Universal City, California
  • Synopsys Inc. in Marlboro, Massachusetts
  • Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Laguna Hills, California, and Boston
  • Paranomic and CAD/CAM Support Alliance (CCSA) in Valencia, California


MD Synergy Inc, 2004-2006

Director of Software Engineering:  Managed the software engineering and support staffs in a startup environment to maintain and enhance the company’s Web-based medical practice management and electronic medical record applications, achieving maintenance and optimization goals, and delivering enhancements within existing budget constraints while maintaining strict adherence to HIPAA compliance regulations.  Wrote and implemented the development plans, functional specifications, disaster recovery plans, server hardware configuration plans, and the QA plan.  Charted project timelines and milestones and allocated and adjusted resources as time constraints, budget, and necessity demanded. 

Provided cost analyses and progress and status reports to the President and Board of Directors as requested.  Staffed and evaluated all senior and junior positions on the software engineering team, including the CTO, programmers, analysts, BizTalk and electronic data transfer specialists and contractors.  Provided training and close support to the help desk staff as needed.  Provided career path guidance, training, mentoring, and skill advancement opportunities to all staff, and maintained a high level of morale, commitment, and teamwork in the workplace.

Prepared the company for due diligence when the company was offered for sale, laying out the full range of available documentation, preparing the staff accordingly to assist the due diligence team, and hosting and guiding the auditors through the application, work process flows, work-in-progress, and server, hardware, and network infrastructure.  The company was sold to new owners in June of 2006.

Dassault Systemes of America (formerly CADAM Inc.), 1987-1997

Sr. Technical Writer, Programmer, QA Supervisor.  Work products included installation guides, customization guides, programmer reference manuals, QA plans, and system test plans and procedures for CADAM's petrochemical plant design (AEC) products and the CATIA/CADAM Coupler; a user guide for Dassault’s Visual GII Workbench (GUI); and white papers for the CATIA/CADAM Drafting (CCD) product.  Prepared seminar and training materials for the CATIA/CADAM Coupler and managed technical correspondence between engineers in France, Germany, and the United States on an ad hoc basis as needed.


Volt Delta Resources, 1984-1987

Technical Writer and QA Analyst:  Work products include reference manuals for Volt's proprietary sub‑executive OS, including definitive explanation of XM database theory and Volt's proprietary communications protocol routines for the Ethernet.  As QA analyst, translated critical user requirements into explicit acceptance criteria.  These criteria were closely evaluated by the senior and legal staffs of both the client and Volt Delta Resources and formally adopted as binding legal criteria for purchase and acceptance by the Alaska Telephone Utility.



  • Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Certificate of Electronic Technology, Edison Technical Institute
  • Diploma in Programming and Operations, Control Data Institute
  • Certified Quality Analyst, Certification in Software Quality Analysis, Quality Assurance Institute

Skill Sets

  • Wide range of project management, software development, and documentation tools, including Nekosoft’s Todoko, Microsoft’s project management applications, and my own proprietary tools I developed for pro forma budget and cost analysis.  Variety of html editors and programming development tools, and the typical range of Adobe and Microsoft office tools.  For example:

o        Microsoft Word, Draw, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio; Adobe Acrobat Professional; and a wide range of auxiliary tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, and other photo and image editing tools.  Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and CMS tools in acquisition.

o        Other legacy tools include Microsoft Access, T-SQL, VBScript, and FrameMaker.

  • Older but now rarely used proficiencies in legacy operating systems and programming technologies include IBM Risc/6000, AIX; IBM MVS/TSO, ISPF, JCL/PROCS, DB2, Runoff, GML; Script/VS; BookMaster; IBM VM/CMS, ISPF, EXEC, REXX, SQL/DS, COBOL, Assembly, Fortran, and DEC operating systems and editors.

Additional Experience and Personal Interests

Mainframe Computer Operations Manager and Director (CIC), Electronic Engineering Lab Technician & Line Supervisor (ARCO Solar), Electronic Bench Technician (Berkey Photo and ARCO Solar), Teacher in history and music, international folk music, and foreign languages.


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