David Dworsky, Technical Writer and Web Strategy Consultant

Computer Technologies / CliqueSense

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Compaq Xeon 6500 and 3000 Server Assembly and Installation Guide and Toolkit, (c) 1999, 52 pp., hardcopy and online, with artwork & graphics, including software and documentation CD's and Rompaq diskettes, for Universal Studios and Seagram.

PolyGram Messaging Project Web site for Universal Studios and Seagram

CoverMeter User Reference Manual, June 1998 and November 1998 Editions, 367 pp., with artwork & graphics (GUI/UNIX), for Advanced Technology Center and Synopsys.

Global Messaging Operations Procedures Guide, (c) 1998, 120 pp., Release 1, Version 1.1, hardcopy and intranet, with artwork & graphics.

Customized templates for:

  • Policies, procedures, and protocols

  • Software Quality Assurance and Quality Control documents, including QA plans, test plans, and test reports

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